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26 June 2016 is the date of opening of the campsite - health complex in the village of Huta, which is located 15 km from Uzhhorod in the beautiful mountainous area.



The purpose of the project is to create a health and recreation complex, where children and adults regardless of social status, can develop, feel fit, be special, find new friends and have fun.



Implementation of the project became possible due to the joint efforts of a group of youth from Norway and KPK-Ukraina organization, whose contribution can not be underestimated.

What it is

The complex covers about 2400m2 and is equipped with buildings and areas for active recreation on its territory. There is a football field, a volleyball court, an outdoor grill area and a summer kitchen.

The main 2-storey building of the complex has a total area of 350m2. On the ground floor there are bedrooms with their own sanitary facilities for up to 80 people. On the first floor there is a meeting room for 150 people. The entrance is specially equipped with a ramp for people with special needs.

The campsite has individual water supply and solar panels to provide electricity.


What we do

This year we provided summer camps for orphans, Roma children, people with special needs and their families. About 600 children from different regions of Ukraine came to the camp during the summer of 2017.



According to the concept of development, the next step is the construction of a dining room and a bigger kitchen to feed kids in comfortable conditions. It will make it possible to stay in the camp throughout the year and welcome a lot more children.


Charitable Foundation House Of Mercy

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