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What is a Family Type Home?

Family type home is a state program. It is a special form of a family, created by spouses, who take not less than 5 orphans and children deprived of parental care for the upbringing and living together.

The total number of children in a family type home should not exceed 10 people, including relatives.

The parents go on special trainings for parent-educators category.

Children stay in a family type home until they reach the age of 18, and in the case of continuing education - up to 23 years old or after the end of their studies.


What is the main purpose of the Family Type Homes program?

Family type children's homes are created with the purpose of providing appropriate conditions for life and education of orphans and children deprived of parental care in the family environment.

Where is your Family Type Home located?

It is located in the village of Nevytske, Uzhhorod district.


When was it created?

September 21, 2009

Who sponsored the project?

KPK-Ukraina foundation initiated and fully supported the construction of the house for the family. Since Family Type Homes is also a state supported program, further financial support is provided by the state.


Who are the parents?

Popovych Vasyl and Svitlana are both professional teachers. They love children and have always been an example of proper parenting. They sincerely devoted themselves to bringing up both their own and adopted children with love and respect.

How many children live in the Family Type Home?

There are 10 people in the family, including parents and their own 3 children.


Is the house big enough for them?

It is a 2-storey building with 5 bedrooms upstairs and a huge living room, a guest room and a kitchen downstairs. There is also a beautiful yard and a small garden by the house.

What do the children do?

All the children in the family go to school and university. They all love sports. The boys prefer football and fishing and the girls like volleyball and basketball.  All of them help their parents about the house and have time for hobbies and interests.


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