Why give dinners?

All people need food to live and be healthy. Because of high food prices and poverty, many people can’t afford to eat every day. Our task is to find those people and give them a good dinner.


How did it start?

House of Mercy Foundation in cooperation with KPK Ukraina started to feed poor children back in 2002. There came about 30 children 3 times a week to a local church building at that time. We bought dinners at local canteens.

How does it work now?

We don’t buy ready-made dinners today. We grow vegetables at Mercy Farm and cook them at the farm’s big kitchen what gives us an opportunity to feed a lot more people!


Mercy Farm produces potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, celery, beetroots, onions, sweet (bell) pepper and cucumbers. Out of these vegetables and meat, hot dinner plates with Lapskaus (healthy Norwegian dish) are being prepared, vacuum-sealed and taken by our volunteers and social workers to those who need it.

Who gets nutritious hot meal?

Today 600 needy people get dinner every day. Target groups:

• poor families with many children (about 100 homes in Uzhgoord and neighboring villages)

• homeless people (Mother and Child Centre in Perechin, 100 adults in Uzhgorod)

• lonely elderly people (40 people in Irshava)

• disabled people (Disabled people Association in Uzhgorod)

• children from different Roma settlements (Uzhhorod district)


Where do we give food?

Many people come to certain places to get their meal, some have it delivered straight to their homes.

How much is one dinner?

One hot dinner plate + bread + juice = 1 USD


Any plans to give food to more people?

A large kitchen at Mercy Farm has the capacity to produce 1000 meals a day. We are currently working on being able to increase from 600 to 800 dinners a day in 2 months. The biggest challenge is to raise enough money (800 USD a day).


How you can help?

If you want to do a good thing today and give a healthy dinner to a hungry, just click on the DONATE button below and decide how many needy people you want to feed today! Mark your donation with “hot dinner”.

You can become a regular donor if you wish. Please contact us, by filling out the form below. A member of our team will contact you shortly to discuss opportunities for involvement.



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