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House of Mercy is Zakarpattya regional charitable foundation created on the 3rd of January 2003 in cooperation with the NGO “KPK-Ukraina”(Kleppe, Norway).


The foundation mission is providing of charitable financial, material assistance and moral support to the most needy and socially vulnerable segments of the population, facilitation of the development of public health, relief of poverty and promotion of economic development in the city of Uzhgorod, region and throughout Ukraine.

How it started

In 2002 a small Norwegian team decided to start helping disabled children in the city of Uzhgorod. They contacted like-minded fellows in Uzhgorod and together they initiated fundraising for getting medicals and providing medical treatment of the children. Soon it was decided to create official organization, whose representatives could be authorized to escort heavy ill and disabled kids to the place of medical treatment. So far, on the 3rd of January 2003 Zakarpattya regional charitable foundation “House of Mercy” was created.


That year the newly fledged foundation initiated providing of meals for orphans and kids from low income families. Since there was no own facilities, the foundation rented public eatery and provided meals for the children in a church.

Soon it became clear that a few hot meals a week hardly can change the quality of the children’s life and it was decided to launch the first pilot project on creation of the Social Care Centre for Children.

Thanks to the foreign friends we acquired the premise and on the 24th of September in 2005 we inaugurated the Centre.

what we do

“House of Mercy” today is one of the largest charitable foundation in the Western Ukraine. Under the auspices and thanks to support of “KPK-Ukraina“ it is working on implementation of a lot of programs addressed to the socially vulnerable and low income segments of the population, public health, relief of poverty and facilitation of the economic development of the city of Uzhgorod, region and Ukraine.


In the field of guardianship and care:

• Social Care Centre for Children “House of Mercy”

• Project “Adoption at distance”

• Creation of the family type houses

• Hostel for youth (“alumnus” of the Social Care Centre for Children)


In the field of social protection and granting social services for poverty relief:

• Humanitarian Aid

• Support of Roma ethnicity in the region

• Socialization of disabled people

• Maintaining of the senior house(houses for aged people) in Rakoshino village

• Program “Christmas Joy”/"Easter Hope"

• Adressed monthly support of the poor and low income families


In the field of public health:

• Aid to hospitals and medical institutions

• Assistance in medical treatment and rehabilitation

• Holding summer health camps


In the field of economic development of the country:

• creation of the Social Enterprise “Mercy Farm”


In the field of assistance to victims of armed conflicts:

• Humanitarian aid to the eastern regions of Ukraine by meals, clothes and hygiene items.


Charitable Foundation House Of Mercy

Office in Ukraine: +380951416131

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