Norwegian Humanitarian Foundation “KPK-Ukraina” is literally the mother of “House of Mercy” foundation. It came to Ukraine to show love and care, give help and support, bring happiness, joy and hope, unite people in combating poverty.


“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”. (Matthew 25:40)

Being inspired by this well-known passage from the Bible, “KPK-Ukraina” has been doing their great work in the western Ukraine since 1998.  Several times a year it sends volunteers to Uzhhorod, who must cover their own expenses. “KPK-Ukraina”  has low administrative costs. In fact, despite a huge amount of work, there are only 2 paid positions (managers) in the organization plus an army of volunteers.

Since 1998 nearly 500 tones of humanitarian aid have been transported to Ukraine. Clothes, shoes, toys, hospital beds, wheelchairs, medical equipment, ambulances, bicycles, prams, furniture, crockery and the list is endless. The aid has been distributed to a large number of people by House of Mercy foundation, by us.


Even though the majority of “KPK-Ukraina” volunteers live in Rogaland, a county in Western Norway there are many people willing to help, who come from other places in Norway and other countries, like Sweden and Denmark. Flame of passion helping others has spread and we hope it will never fade away.

On behalf of all people who have got help and support we want to thank “KPK-Ukraina”  as our partner and friend.

Contact Info:

Address: KPK-UKRAINE Foundation, PO Box 211, 4358 KLEPPE

Phone: +47 99792464,

+47 917 09 950,

+47 903 66 291



Organization number: 987 282 053


Charitable Foundation House Of Mercy

Office in Ukraine: +380951416131

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