Mercy Farm is an Agricultural Social Enterprise that pursues poverty alleviation goals in Ukraine.


The idea of setting up the farm appeared in 2015 in order to provide ecologically safe food for poor and needy families, lonely elderly, homeless and Roma people, orphans and people with disabilities. It became a pilot project and officially started in August, 2016.


The farm holds 25 hectares of land, a farmhouse and agricultural buildings, a kitchen with a dining hall, a bakery and a coffee and pastry shop.

Even though Mercy Farms is highly mechanized it gives work to 30 - 50 agricultural workers depending on the season.

Mercy Farm tends to specialize in the crops best suited to the Western Ukraine such as potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, celery, beet-roots, onions, sweet (bell) pepper and cucumbers. Out of these vegetables 500-600 hot dinner plates with Lapskaus (healthy Norwegian dish) are being prepared, vacuum-sealed and taken by our volunteers to the target groups described above. Any surplus products are being sold in the local market or in our grocery stand.


Once a month a truck loaded with vegetables and food from the Mercy Farm is send to the Eastern Ukraine, to people suffering from war.

Bakery. Our hard-working bakers make several thousands baked goods (bread, buns and rolls) every day and sell them in our coffee and pastry shop. If the batch of bread isn’t sold out during the day, it is taken to poor and needy families in the neighbouring villages by our social workers.

The poultry farm is quite small yet, but we are proud to have 1100 free range chickens that give us around 500 eggs daily.


Mercy Farm is still very young but we do our best to bring changes and make a positive impact on the lives of poor and needy people in Ukraine. Though small, but yet profits at the Mercy Farm go exclusively to charity and different projects of the House of Mercy Foundation.



Charitable Foundation House Of Mercy

Office in Ukraine: +380951416131

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