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Roma (Gypsies) in Transcarpathia are the fifth largest population of the Transcarpathian region. According to unofficial estimates of Transcarpathian experts, their number in Transcarpathia may reach 40-50 thousand.


The Roma population of the Transcarpathian region is characterized by a very low level of education. Many of them are illiterate and have no education. And this is one of the biggest problem which in turn affects their standard of living, the ability to work and provide for their families. Most Roma families live in absolutely inhumane and difficult conditions. Moreover, another major challenge for Roma in Ukraine is their rejection and discrimination among Ukrainian population.

House of Mercy foundation supports 12 Roma settlements in Uzhhorod and the region. During the last years, hundreds of homes for local Roma population has been built and repaired. Volunteers from Norway, local volunteers, and Roma were involved in this work.


Every year in the autumn-winter period House of Mercy provides all poor families with firewood for heating. Over the past period, more than 120 timber trucks have been ordered and delivered and 90 heating stoves were purchased and distributed.

There are numerous other projects and poverty relief actions held by the House of Mercy for Roma people. You can find them here.


Charitable Foundation House Of Mercy

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