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Every single child must have a family, be surrounded by love and care from the very moment of being born into our World. That is our BIG DREAM, but unfortunately, not all children in Ukraine live in families. We speak about orphans and children deprived of parental care.


At the beginning of 2017 there were over 2 200 orphans and children deprived of parental care in Zakarpattya,

West Ukraine.

The term “orphan” applies to the children who lost their parents, but currently another term “social orphan” has appeared as social phenomenon caused by disregarding or abandoning by parents of their parental duties as to their under-age children.

Perpetration by parents of unlawful offences and criminal activities, neglecting of their parental duties, abusing  of alcohol, drugs, brutal and cruel treatment of their children are the main reasons children become orphans while their parents are alive.

Social Care Centre for Children “House of Mercy“

It the first pilot project implemented by the Charitable Foundation “House of Mercy” in cooperation with  Norwegian Humanitarian Organization “KRK-Ukraina”.

The foundation acquired the premise at the address:

1 Ditiacha st., Onokivtsi village.

In the 24th of September 2005 it was officially inaugurated.

Center’s activities

The Centre has facilities for accommodation of 20 children and their education, in particular :

• 5 comfortable rooms (every room shared by 4-6 kids)

• large play room

• dining room and kitchen

• computer class

• common room for making home tasks

• medical office

• football and volley ball field

• guest room


The highly qualified teachers teach the children and help them to acquire skills for living in the society and family. The children attend the preschool and school establishments and go in for sports.


Every child has option what activity is preferable for him.

The menu is made by nutritionist  with reference to the child age and health.


The main aim pursued by the Centre staff is to create the family atmosphere instilled by love, affection, respect to every child for his development as personality.



Charitable Foundation House Of Mercy

Office in Ukraine: +380951416131

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